Friday, December 17, 2004

sane sex

Sex is an art known for ages – when Adam and Eve first tasted the fruit of wisdom (also called the Apple) in the Garden of Eden, it was declared officially. Such depiction of the art dates back to ages earlier to the Khajuraho regime or the regimes of the Ajanta and Ellora caves.
In today’s World, we regularly come across the term Sensex – we are happy when the Sensex rises to above the 6000 mark! Of course, this term has no relevance whatsoever to any of the Sens nor does it pertain to sex practiced by those who go by the name of Sen-this and Sen-that or just some-or-the –other-Sen. Sensex is the index of the Stock Exchange – the Bombay Stock Exchange to be precise. All about bulls and bears.

But – sane sex is a totally different matter.

What is sane sex? Is there something called insane sex?

Basically, this three letter word conjures up different types of visions for each individual. In the normal course, it is about the intimate relationship between a male and a female. It would be incorrect to restrict it to a relationship between a man and a woman, as it should rightly be, because, with every passing day, it is seen that the immature of the species also resort to sex – to quench the thirst of curiosity.

Yes, there are the gays and the lesbians as also there are the nymphos. There are those who move away from domestic environments to other pastures to seek elusive fulfillments. The daily papers are chock full of their exploits which are not confined to any specific part of the Globe but is all pervasive.

The following examples are taken from news reported in the Press and need to be accepted in a proper perspective. With the fast pace of progress all around, with the incentive of trying to outdo the rival, with competition being cut throat like, these pointers should make us sit up and take notice.

Those employed in BPO companies -

According to Doctors, erratic work hours, sedentary lifestyles, psychological stresses and strict target deadlines are usually responsible for such situations … patients complain of reduced desires and inability to perform …. those in the software sector are so mentally preoccupied with their office work that they carry it home too … this affects the hormone levels ….

Chinese women to test new drug

Female volunteers have registered for testing of a new drug which may help them to achieve more satisfaction …. Most of the volunteers are in their early twenties…

Sperm donation – augments the pocket money –

Where the male does not have enough sperms to father a child, donors descend on the scene … if one has to borrow, then she might as well borrow from smart, intelligent and good looking donors …. The recipients sometimes go through the catalogues in the nursing homes and zero-in on donors who resemble the father …. Sperms of students from the engineering and medical branches are the most sought after … these donations are quite popular among hostelites who earn from Rs 150 to Rs 300 per sample … the donors identity is always kept secret ….

Lap tops can result in infertility –

The Americans have warned that continued use of lap-tops by keeping them on the lap may lead to infertility among men … they have advised youngsters to limit such usage to the barest minimum…

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